New poster for Showtime’s The Affair, with Ruth Wilson, Dominic West, Maura Tierney and Joshua Jackson. Watch here the teaser trailer.

"You might say in a novel, you get to go deeper. But I can’t give the kind of performance that Tom Hardy gives. An actor can do with just a glance what would take me sometimes up to a page."
Mr. Hardy is known for deep-diving into his characters, obsessing over vocal accents by picking individuals to mimic and listening to them on YouTube videos (here, his Brooklyn-ese seems to channel a bit of Mike Tyson).
"Tom and I had pretty intense conversations," Mr. Lehane says. "A lot of deep background on the character. We talked about how much this guy is in denial about who he is. How did his parents feel about him? Tom wanted to go way past text, is the way I put it."

- Dennis Lehane in Wall Street Journal.

This could be interesting. Love the back story.